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--- Accessory Frequently asked questions ---

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Question : What's up with bearing spacers? Why do I need them?

Answer : The bearing spacer fits in-between the 2 bearings. Its called a spacer because its job is to space the innerrace ways of the two bearings the same distance apart as the outer raceways. You see, the distance between the outer raceways is dictated by the wheels. The wheels have an insert that accepts the bearings and when you push the bearings in these wheel recesses.  The bearings can only be pushed in so far.  Then, the spacer keeps the inner raceways aligned with the outer raceways.  Without this alignment, the bearings will bind to the point of not turning at all.

A frame spacer or rocker spacer is the part that lives in the frame of the skate. It's not the axle that fits between the bearings in the wheel. It's the part that gets clamped to the bearings by the bolt that goes through the spacers and bearings. Most skates come with a removable spacer. The spacer has an oval shape that fits into the frame towards the outside and a round shape that fits towards the inside. A hole is drilled in the spacer, offset from center of the oval that the bolt fits through. Turning two adjacent wheel spacers 180 degrees from each other creates a difference in height between the two wheels. You can use this difference in wheel height to create a rocker in the skate much like an ice hockey skate. Turn the two spacers on the two center wheels such that the spacer hole is lower (toward the pavement). Turn the two spacers on the two outside wheels such that the spacer hole is higher (toward your head) and you have created rocker in your skate.

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Question : Which bearing spacers do I need, the standard or floating spacers?

Answer : Use the standard spacers if your axle bolt is 6mm in diameter and use the floating spacers if your axle bolt is 8mm in diameter.  The spacers look very different.  If you take one out of your skate wheel, then you can tell right away which spacer you need.  Both spacers are only for inline skates.

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Question : What performance issues can I expect if I rocker my skates with your aluminum speed rocker spacers.

Answer : First of all they are made of aircraft grade aluminum instead of plastic so they don't break, crack, gouge or warp. Creating rocker in your skates allows you to pivot and turn much faster. Hockey players love the increased maneuverability. If you rocker your wheels such that the center wheels are lower then the outside wheels then only 2 wheels are in full compressed contact with the pavement at any one time allowing for quick pivots and turns. Beginning skaters will notice a reduction in stability forward and back. But that's the price you pay for performance. Some of my friends use the rocker spacers to raise only the front wheel. With this you get an added benefit with some rocker and you will not loose as much stability as you would from raising both outside wheels. It's also possible to use these rocker spacers to raise just the back wheel or you may want to use them to keep all your wheels in line with out any rocker at all. I have other friends that use our rocker spacers just to replace the cheap plastics ones that came with their skates even if they don't like the rocker. Personally, I raise both front and back wheels and love the added maneuverability. I can out pivot all my skating buddies. Once you get use to the rocker you'll love it and never go back to skates with out it.


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